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Instructions and terms

1. Search for a course by using the menu on the left.

2. Fill out the entire personal information form carefully and submit your registration. If you want us to send all the important circus-related information to two e-mail addresses, please fill in one email address for the participant and another one for the payer.

3. It is not possible to queue for student places. If the registration site shows that there are no places left for the course you are interested in, no places opened up for that group this season or the course has already filled up.

4. If you sign up in Autumn, the enrolment applies to the entire circus year (Autumn and Spring semesters). However, the Autumn and Spring semesters are billed separately. If you do not want to continue to the Spring semester, you must notify the office by the end of November.

5. When you register, you agree to pay the course fee. Payment traffic is processed through the Paytrail service upon registration. If you register for a class in the middle of the semester, we will send an invoice by email with a reduced price.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:


If the student registers for several weekly courses, they will pay the normal price for the most expensive course and receive a 30 % discount for the cheaper course(s). No discount is granted for Iltapäiväsirkus - classes (afternoon circus classes), as they are already more affordable. Students can also apply for a discount or a free student spot from the Circus Helsinki board, if the financial circumstances of the student's family require it. The discount is granted for one academic year at a time. If you want to sign up for several courses or intend to apply for a discount from the board, contact the office (

Making up for absences

Students in children’s groups or youth groups (ages 7–18) can make up for their absences in the Open training sessions. Students in adult groups and adults in baby-parent, toddler-parent and child-parent groups can make up for their absences in the Morning Acrobatics (Aamuakro) classes or in the Open training sessions. Unfortunately, students in Napero-groups (ages 4-6) do not have the possibility to make up for their absences. Please note that absences can only be made up during the semester of the absence.


Students under the age of 20 are insured for the duration of the circus class at Fennia Vahinkovakuutus Oy. In case of an injury, the teacher gives the student instructions on how to file a claim. Students over the age of 20 must take care of their own insurance coverage.

Withdrawal mid-semester

JIf the student quits in the middle of the semester or is on a break, the tuition fee will not be refunded, unless there are compelling reasons: pregnancy, serious injury, emigration, or moving away from the capital region.

If the student quits mid-semester due to illness, they must present documentation from a medical doctor in order to be refunded. The student must notify the office about the withdrawal and the reason for it by sending an email to: The notice of withdrawal must be made without delay after the onset of illness. Refunds are not made retroactively.

In force majeure cases, the tuition fee will not be refunded.

Photography license

Occasionally, we take photos and videos during Circus Helsinki classes and events. Circus Helsinki uses the resulting material on its websites, bulletins, brochures, and publications. Please mention in the Additional information section of the registration form if you do not want you or your child to be photographed.

This agreement is valid indefinitely until the agreement is terminated or modified in writing. However, the termination does not apply to photos taken during the term of the contract.